About The Owner

After twenty-three years working in the medical field in special procedures as well as upper management, Perfections Body Sculpt owner, Tammy Wilson, decided that, despite having an amazing career working with the best medical professionals, it was time for a new challenge. Having such a positive experience with lasers herself, and knowing people in the laser sculpting industry, Tammy began taking laser classes and then got her certification in Laser Therapy. After many hours of thinking, praying, and talking it over with her family members, Tammy decided to take the giant leap of faith and turned in her resignation to pursue owning her own business.

Why Are We Called Perfections Body Sculpt?

At forty-eight years young, Tammy sought out her new adventure of female entrepreneurship, setting her motto as your goals are always our number one priority, but her new business needed a name.

One afternoon, Tammy and her husband were sitting outside talking over what her new business should be called, and her husband reminded her to think about why she was starting this business in the first place. Without missing a beat, Tammy replied, “you know, it’s just been perfect how every door for me has been opened and even when I didn’t want to walk through it, someone was pushing me here, and here we are. It’s almost like it was meant to be perfection. And with that, Perfections Body Sculpt was born.

Since 2017, Perfections Body Sculpt has been providing laser sculpting treatments including Laser Lipo Therapy, Brazilian Butt Lifts, and Red Carpet Laser Facials to clients in the DFW area, helping each client reach their personal body goals.

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