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We here at Perfections Body Sculpting understand that all of our clients are unique and have specialized goals.  In understanding this we offer a wide range of services designed to help our clients reach their desired goals. All of our treatments are customized to each individual client.  Laser Light Therapy to Ultrasound Cavitation, we do it all!

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We here at Perfections Body Sculpting understand that everyone's body is unique. No two customers require the same treatment schedule. This is why we always setup a personal one on one consultation before any services are provided. Performing a in person Consultation allows us to better explain each procedure in-depth and allows us to answer all questions.


Laser Therapy

Ultra Lipo Laser Therapy is a non-invasive body contouring laser treatment with zero pain, zero downtime, big results. The laser stimulates the fat cell to emulsify (liquefy) the fat within the fat cells. The fat is then released through a temporary pore in the cell membrane, then naturally discharges from the body through the body’s natural process of detoxification.


UltraSound Cavitation

UltraSound device called a transducer, used in Lipo Cavitation procedures is calibrated only to target fat cells. When ultrasonic waves are directed to the area of fatty tissue you want to remove*, they damage the fat cell membranes. Because the device is calibrated only to target fat cells, no other damage will occur to surrounding tissues or organs.


Other Services

Perfections Body Sculpting offers many other services outside our Laser Light Therapy and Body Sculpting Cavitation. These services include the widely popular Diamond Microdermabrasion and purifying Dextox Blanket Treatments. Each of these services are designed to help you achieve your desired body goals and boost your overall results.

Your goals are our number one priority.

Our services include Non Invasive Ultrasound Laser Lipo and Vacuum Skin Tighting. Please “Send Us A Message” from the home screen for additional questions about reaching your Perfection Body goals.

I have nothing but positive things to say about this place. Tammy was just fantastic. She provided me with a clear understanding of all the procedures she offered as well as how much everything cost. I had already done some research before visiting the first time and I already knew she was much cheaper than everyone else in the area. Not only that she provided way above and beyond my expectations for great customer service. She was willing to accommodate even the most minuscule of requests to make my experience wonderful. I definitely recommend Perfections to anyone who is looking for to loose some extra pounds and save money in the process.

Kayla Dearment

My first time here was amazing. The owner is very pleasant. The whole procedure was explained to me from beginning to end. I was given after care instructions to get the most out of my treatments. And needless to say with my treatment I immediately saw results! I would highly recommend everyone check them out and get the better you you want to be!

Yesii Aranda

Tammy McFarland I can’t say enough about you other than your amazing ,I highly recommend your services to anyone who is wanting that imperfection that well we all have ,your knowledge and medical background is astounding and the way you care for your clients is truly inspiring, I encourage anyone who is wanting that change to get in and pay her a visit ,she’s the one ! so go feel even better about yourself get in today and let Tammy do her magic ,keep up the good work Tammy and I hope your business booms because it’s what we needed in this area ty so much.

Ricky Hale

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