One of our top facials here at Perfections Body Sculpt, the Red Carpet Facelift Facial helps you look your best, being red carpet ready, and is less expensive, and less invasive than other treatments used in the industry.

What Is The Red Carpet Facelift Facial?

Perfection Body Sculpt’s Red Carpet Facelift Facial treatment includes laser skin tightening and sculpting tools to create a younger-looking appearance. Laser skin tightening, a non-invasive, non-surgical process, uses infrared light to heat collagen under the skin’s surface and causes the skin to contract, or tighten. Sculpting tools destroy intractable fat cells, which are later metabolized by the body.

While other treatments run thousands of dollars, these new laser facials cost on average $200-$300 dollars per session.

How Does It Work?

This treatment is painless and takes less than an hour. While we target your facial area to create collagen for more youthful-looking skin, we can also use this same technology to sculpt the jaw and neck area and help treat loose skin or that double chin area.

For optimal results, we recommend booking our three-session package which needs to be done 7 to 10 days apart.

The technology is painless it takes less than one hour. We use a low-level laser that will target your own body to create collagen in the facial area. This creating a more youthful and tightening of skin. We can also use the same type of technology to sculpt the Jaw area as well we can use this to help treat loose skin or double chin or turkey neck as some call it.

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